How to increase download speed in Windows 10 [% working].How To Get Faster Upload & Download Speeds In Windows 10

How to increase download speed in Windows 10 [% working].How To Get Faster Upload & Download Speeds In Windows 10

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How to increase download speed on Windows 10? Quick tips

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To enjoy seamless online gaming, you need to have download speeds of at least 10Mbps. While there are times when you can play on Steam with slower speeds, it is recommended that you have a connection speed of up to 10Mbps. In this case, more is better, and getting a faster device is necessary, especially when you have more than one device using the internet connection when you are playing.

If you suspect that you are not getting the download speed you subscribed for, you can confirm this by troubleshooting your network. To do this, you should conduct a speed test by checking your internet connection speed at different hours of the day. This will give you an idea of the average speed you are using.

If you discover that the average download speed is lower than what you paid for, then you need to contact your ISP for a fix. It is essential to do this first because it helps you to check whether the problem is from your computer or not. If your internet connection is slower than you expected in such a case, then your computer is not to blame. If your internet speed is up to par and yet your Steam download speed is frustratingly slow, then the issue is most likely from the Steam server.

Perhaps you are connected to a faulty server, and you need to correct this. To confirm that your network is not to blame, check to see how your download speed performs outside Steam. If you find that your internet speed is fine when you are using other apps, then the problem is most likely linked to the Steam server. It could also be caused by a specific issue associated with the game you are trying to update or download.

To check the status of the Steam server you are connected to, you should make a quick stop at its official website.

If you find that the Steam server or region you are connected to is not working correctly, hope is not lost. You have an option that allows you to switch to a different server. You can use this solution if the selected server the one nearest to your location is undergoing maintenance.

Also, go through the region list, choose a different download location, and check to see if this resolves the issue. If your local network is connected to many devices simultaneously while you are playing a game, this can severely reduce the download speed. Therefore, if you have different computers, smartphones, or even consoles using your connection at the same time, you will experience issues with low bandwidth.

In this particular scenario, you can make Steam downloads faster by disconnecting all the other connected devices temporarily. Leave only your gaming computer connected, and then run a speed test to see if this has fixed the problem.

Malware infecting your Windows 10 computer can have a lot of adverse effects. Ensure that your antivirus and all other software programs on your system are up to date. In addition, you should set your antivirus to run periodic security scans. Run a scan to see if there is malware on your device. There are several methods to increase download speeds on Steam. Check out these troubleshooting steps to find the one that will work for you.

Before attempting other solutions, the first step is to check if your computer is performing any background download tasks without your authorization. Windows 10 comes with some activities automated by default; these tasks can be using your network and slowing down your Steam download speed.

For example, your computer might be trying to update Windows and other software in the background without your knowledge. When there are other tasks sharing network bandwidth on your PC, Steam might not have the needed speed to perform properly. You should always ensure that you temporarily pause any updates when playing games online to avoid low performance.

Note: Keep in mind that automatic security updates include security patches and stability improvements that help to protect your system. Therefore, remember to have this feature turned back on when you are not gaming. If temporarily pausing or turning off background downloads does not work, move to the next solution described below. These are some of the programs that usually run in the background:. If you have any of these programs installed on your Windows 10 computer, try closing them to see if that helps.

Our devices need a reboot from time to time. This helps them maintain optimal function. Simply rebooting your modem or router might be all you need to restore your connection speed. To do this, unplug your router or modem from the power outlet, and wait for 30 to 60 seconds. Plug it back and turn it on to see if this helps to resolve the problem. If the solutions described above have not resolved the issue, then it is time to try making a few changes to the Steam app itself:.

Sometimes, all you need to fix this issue is to restart the Steam app. Ensure you close the Steam program before re-attempting your download. Your security software or firewall may interfere with the performance of gaming clients. Disable your antivirus tool and firewall, and then launch Steam to see if this fixes the issue. If this resolves the download speed problem, remember to turn them back on each time you are done playing to keep your system safe.

Quality of Service QoS is a feature that comes preinstalled on some routers, allowing them to prioritize game packets. This reduces network lag in games and improves download speeds.

Check to see if your router has this capability; if it does, read the manual to learn how to enable QoS. You can also use Google to learn how to activate it on your router. This is because the method varies based on the model or make of your router device. Sometimes, slow Steam download speeds could be caused by your wireless connection. If you are connected to the internet through a Wi-Fi connection, try connecting your router directly by using an Ethernet cable. If this fixes the issue, then there is something in your environment causing interference with your wireless connection.

Step2 : From the list, select Privacy. Step3 : From the list of numerous options, find and choose Background apps. Windows auto-tuning is also a nearly similar tool to Large Sendoff tool. This tool also uses internet data without users consent. Tun it off and you are a step ahead on the answer of how to increase download speed. Step2 : Type the following command in the PowerShell and hit enter. Step3 : See the Option named- Receive windows auto-tuning level.

If its Normal , you have to disable it to improve download speed in windows Step4 : To disable this windows auto-tuning level, type following command and press enter. You can now see the option is disabled by typing a command from step2. Temporary files and registries can cause your slow internet speed in windows These files are generated as new programs loads and some of these files stay as it is in the temporary folder.

Delete such files to increase download speed. Step2 : Now, again go to the run tool and type following command, hit enter and tap continue to allow admin rights. Step3 : Again, in Run tool, type following command, Hit enter and tap continue to allow admin rights.

Select all files there and delete them. By this way, you can delete temporary files and temporary registries to experience fast internet speed. There are numerous ways how to download genuine Windows 10 setup on the internet, but not all of them are safe. There are certain websites and torrents which provide pirated copies of…. About export Chrome Passwords: We, internet users usually save our passwords in a browser.

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While composing a…. Your email address will not be published. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website Got it! Skip to content Windows 10 is known to be more resource-hungry OS. Table of Contents. Most important — How to completely disable windows update in windows Must Read — How to enable the hidden dark theme for Windows 10 in almost everywhere. Similar Posts. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

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How to Increase Download Speed in Windows 10 – How to Optimize Steam’s Download Speeds in Windows 10


To eliminate this issue as a possible cause, you can try the 2 ways below to repair possible system file issues.

The slow internet in your Windows 10 computer could be caused by corrupt system files. Reimage is a tool that auto-detects slow internet and specializes in Windows repairing. The process might take a couple of minutes. To run the SFC scan :. Then right click on Command Prompt and click Run as administrator. If the issue still persists, please move on to Fix 5 , below. Window Auto-Tuning is a feature in our Windows 10 to allow for more efficient data transfers. But it can also interfere with the network and cause loss of connectivity.

So to disable the feature:. Step 3 : Check your activity monitor for malicious applications. How to increase download speed Windows 10?

You should set a strong password and then do not share the password with anyone. Step 1 : Open the settings page for your router. On most routers, you can access that page by typing Step 2 : Log into your router as an admin. Most routers use admin as both username and password.

Step 4 : Select Wireless Security from the left sidebar. Your router may not have this exact option but it should be something similar. Step 5 : On the right-hand side pane, enter a new password for your WiFi network in the Security Key field. Step 6 : Click OK at the bottom to save your changes. Make sure to read our other tips on properly securing your WiFi. Although DNS does not directly connect to Internet speed, it does influence how quickly a page loads on your computer.

A DNS lookup is required every time you access a program, link, or picture that is not on a website’s main page. So, increasing the speed of these DNS lookups will make everything quicker. To change DNS, follow steps:. Step 1 : Click on Start and select Settings. How to increase download speed windows 8? If you download multiple files on different devices for example, your computer and your game console simultaneously, each download will be competing with the other.

Use an Ethernet cable or move closer to the router. If your computer has an Ethernet port , connect it directly to your modem. Circumventing the router ensures a stable connection. If that’s not an option, remove any obstructions between your computer and the router, making sure they are as physically close as possible. Delete temporary files.

Your computer stores temporary files for programs you often use to speed up its performance, but too many temporary files can slow things down. Switch web browsers. Your default browser may not be optimized for your internet connection, so try downloading the file in a different browser. Turn off the metered connection. If you set a metered connection to limit data usage, disable it to maximize download speeds.

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Microsoft Enterprise. Browse All Community Hubs. Turn on suggestions. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. Showing results for. Show only Search instead for. Reboot your router after the plan is upgraded. You can then enjoy faster upload and download speeds.

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Windows 10 Download Speed is very slow – Microsoft Tech Community.

Nov 22,  · Windows 10 Download Speed is very slow Although there is no internet connection speed issue on other mobile devices and computers connected to the same modem, the internet download speed is 2 Mbps and the upload speed is 9 Mbps on my computer. Both Windows 10 Pro and MacOS are installed on the same ted Reading Time: 4 mins. Nov 25,  · In the Administrator Command Prompt window that pops up, type in the following command: “ipconfig /flushdns”. Click Enter on your keyboard and close the window. Use the shortcut Windows key + R to open the Run window. Once it’s up, type in “%TEMP%” in Estimated Reading Time: 3 mins. [ Download ] Windows 10 LITE 21H1 Free – Update 60 If you are using an old Laptop running Windows 10 very slowly, then this Windows 10 Lite 21H1 Free will be the best choice for you to improve speed and keep update newest.


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